When someone asks “what’s your all-time favourite food?” or “if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”, my answer will always, and without hesitation, be “noodles!”. Of course, that answer is a bit of a cop-out since noodles are infinitely variable and varied. But therein lies the source of their delicious, slurpable appeal.

My love affair with noodles began at a young age. One of my earliest food memories is hoisting myself onto the washing machine in the kitchen of my suburban childhood home so that I was able to peer, wonder-eyed, into the otherwise unreachable pantry cupboard. It wasn’t cookies or candies or potato chips that I was searching for in that treasure chest, though; it was always that golden coloured package of chicken flavoured Mr. Noodles.

While my palate has significantly matured since those days, my love for noodles remains just as sincere. This blog is a place to talk about all things noodles, in Toronto and beyond. While I tend to set my sights on Asian noodles, and even moreso on Chinese varieties, hence the name of this blog – mian (pronounced myen) is Mandarin for noodles – the truth is, we’re not exclusive. My first encounter with spaetzle was a life-changing experience and I would never pass up a date with a good-looking lokshen kugel. I’m not particularly interested however, in Italian pasta since, in my opinion, that’s a whole genre unto itself. Anyways, if it’s noodle-related, I’m interested. Cooking, critiquing, learning about, and of course eating. Slurping most certainly encouraged.


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